Which type of fanboys do you find much more annoying, the video game fanboys (Xbox, PS, etc.) or the combat sports fanboys (Boxing and MMA)?

Typical Video Game fanboy - "Fuck the gaystation, it's all about the Xbox ftw!"

Typical Combat sports fanboy - "Fuck boxing, it's nothing but a pillow fight. MMA/UFC is the new boxing."
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  • both equal!


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  • Gaming ones. The PC guys are probably the worst.

    As someone that likes MMA, I see what you're saying but I think it's been fairly reactionary. Just a few years ago, everyone was shitting on it.
    As far as Rousey goes, she doesn't seem to be all that popular among actual fans. She's popular with the outside world.

    • As Brock Lesnar said, "Ronda Rousey is a man in a woman's division...". Yeah, I do notice she gets booed quite a bit during her fights.

    • The funny thing about Rousey is, even though it's only the casual MMA fans who treat her like a goddess of the world, Rousey isn't even that well-known of an athlete on a worldwide basis. She's only greatly worshipped by casual American MMA fans and maybe some of the Brazilians fans but as for the rest of the world outside of the US, no one really knows who Rousey is. However, many other countries can tell me who Pacquiao and Mayweather are.

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  • Sports fanboys. Not combat sports, as I have never come across a "fanboy" who was obnoxious, but other sports like basketball and especially football. In fact the fans are one of the reasons why I don't like basketball and football.

    • As much as I find the football and basketball fans to be extremely annoying, I say the MMA fanboys tend to be the very worst ones since they often act as if their fellow MMA fighters are like supermen/women who are unbeatable in real street fights and act all cocky about how MMA has just barely surpassed boxing's popularity only in ONE country (the US) while the rest of the world are still much more familiar with boxing.

      Not to mention, Ronda Rousey would get constantly shoved down our throats by the retarded MMA fanboys and the American social media and even have the audacity to make a fantasy boxing match up between her and Floyd Mayweather.

    • The only reason why MMA fanboys seem to be worse is because MMA is a relatively new sport compared to others, with UFC (the biggest MMA promotion company in the world) having started only in 1993, and has just become a highly loved one in the last decade or so. And even then, it wasn't until the last several years that the attitudes of MMA fanboys became that extreme.

      Football and basketball fans, on the other hand, have been obnoxious and annoying for a LONG time.

  • I much prefer sports fans to "nerd culture" fans if I'm honest, the latter are some of the most obnoxious people on the planet.

  • i hate all fanboys

  • All kind of fanboys (sports, tech. brands, games, movies) & fangirls (music, fashion brands, beauty brands, actors) are fucking annoying. Among combat sport & video game fanboys, personally I find video game fanboys more annoying. Both are helluva annoying but video game fanboyism is at new level.


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