Your favorite country song that talks about your woman/man?

Doesn't have to be your s/o, could be about love !
Right in the title ! I'm a veryyyy chill dood ~
Stop by and express yourself or stop by and enjoy some southern hospitality !
Who knows, you might learn to love & take the dirt road hahaha ~ Don't hold back, hit that post button !

Here's mine !


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  • Your man by Josh Turner :) (It starts around 30 seconds in)

    • Good choice ! I remember when I first listen to his voice, I didn't realize he looked so handsomely young, but his voice is so gentlemen-ly passive. My first song from him was "Why don't we just dance" !

    • Why don't we just dance is so great <3 This is actually my first time properly seeing what he looks like too! I had expected him to be older than he is, his voice seems too smooth for his age :P

    • Rightt ? He looks to young for a manly voice ! IT WAS SO UNEXPECTING !

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