Why dont my friends and family believe that this is a real lifestyle?

I'm a party person thats one great thing about me. I love to dance and socialize. I told my friends and parents that I dont want to have a girlfriend nor get married because I'd rather life the party life like any other person. They say that no one goes out partying and having sex with people all the time and if anyone says that theyre lying. here's the proof that theyre all wrong right here

there's so much proof that parties and sex is a great lifestyle and way better than dating. Why do my friends and parents deny that this is true and call me an idiot? Are they just jealous or something or are they just haters who aren't about this life becuase they ain't cool enough


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  • On the offchance that you're not just another troll, I'll voice my opinion. It's because you won't be able to maintain such a lifestyle indefinately. Partying costs money usually. How can you afford it?

    • Ok
      1) I'm not a god damn troll
      2) concerts, raves, and clubs do cost money for tickets that's true but everyone goes to concerts and shows if people never went, they wouldn't be a thing
      3) I have a job!! Just because I'm a teenager doesn't mean I don't work
      4) House parties (like a party at a friends house) don't cost money thats dumb
      5) Obviously this is a legitimate lifestyle if its in all these music videos

  • Lmao.. Trust me that lifestyle does not last long. Getting fucked up all the time gets old and you will eventually get old. Then, you'll have to face the reality, that your life is going no where. Don't believe everything you see on TV or media. Unless, of course, you're phifty


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