Families filmed with none of them out of the picture?

People who haven't watched the horror "Sinister", or the sitcom, "The Wonder Years", won't get this.. So you know how sometimes on TWY they have those scenes, where the whole family is being filmed doing something and all of them are in the picture? Like there's no way one of them was filming and it would be weird if they were having someone film them doing that and acting all natural? Does this not remind you of Sinister? I find it kinda creepy, but really I'm just curious if anyone's had the same thoughts.. Granted, my parents are ancient and that's why I've had to watch TWY lately, but maybe someone's been watching the same?


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  • Like what, when they were hanging from the tree in Sinister? Well, that was just creepy already.

    • Well obviously, but that old show will just have these scenes where it looks like a home movie of them swimming or picnicing, and it looks like the guy from sinister is filming them >.<

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