Any good movie suggestions please?

I'm open to all genres! Suggest your favorite one's. The year of release doesn't matter.


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  • I'd really recommend "Before we go", "Racing hearts" , "Self-Less", "Ex-Machina", "Tracers", "Wild Card","Jupiter Ascending", "Age Of Adaline" , "Testament Of Youth", "The Imitation Game", Iron man Trilogy Those are the most recent I've watched
    There are older ones like "One Day", "Real Steel", "Beastly" , "Limitless", "The Loft"
    They all sound cool to me actually
    I love movies and i have a big library, but this is the best i can think of now


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  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

  • I'm like a big movie database, I could suggest loads you you. I don't really have a favorite, so I'll just pick a random one that comes to mind: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain

    • oh, if you just want a genre: pick comedy or thriller (not horror).

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    • Dam Buster, BenX, 170Hz, Ghandi, Broken Arrow, Jonah Hex, The Fly, Cocoon, Jack Reacher, Kiss the Girls, Unthinkable, Trainspotting, I know what you did last summer, 9, Battle for Skyark, Atonement, Non Stop, 30 Days of Night, Boondock Saints, Der Untergang, Made of Honor, The Kingdom, Mosquito Squadron, Air Force One, 633 Squadron, Patriot Games, The Fugitive, The Patriot (the Mel Gibson one would be boring, so pick the lesser know Steven Seagal movie), The Eagle has Landed, The Crow, The Oxford Murders, Twister

    • Some of them are super amazing suggestions and for the most ones i've already seen them!! THANKS A BUNCH! keep the suggestions coming though:P

  • The first Matrix, the Star Wars movies, the Thomas Crown Affair, the last Samurai,
    Crazy stupid love, As Good As It Gets, the Usual Suspects.
    All are pretty awesome!
    What's up Kartoos? 😊

    • I've seen them all!!! But thanks for the suggestions anyway! Not much just came one here some days back after ages. Oh it was my b'day on 12th sep so yeah I was busy with that. What about you?

    • Happy belated man!
      Been busy with work, friend and family and GAG of course.
      by the way you have a good taste in movies 😉

    • Thanks a bunch woman!! Hahaha that's not only my taste but yours aswell! Just makes the two of us B)

  • Techo , Electro Dance, Gospel, Country, Pop, RnB , Alternative, Sadcore

  • I am Sam, north county, met Joe black, galaxy quest.

    • Thanks for the suggestions will look into those films.

    • Speed, the matrix, con air, Apollo 13, Shawn of the dead, run fat boy run, any of the resident evil series, zoo keeper, mall cop, world war z, just some more that have come to mind.

  • borat
    hills have eyes 2

  • the beach
    into the blue
    a perfect gateaway
    the great gatsby
    breakfast at tiffany's
    lemon popsicle

  • Insidious (chap 1,2 and 3)
    Final destination (all parts)

  • Bad words
    Kiss kiss bang bang
    Starred up
    Tough enough

    • I've never heard of such movies before:D

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    • I've read other people's suggestions and you all you say is they're shitty options. Go watch some porn, cunt.

    • Hahahaha why are you so pissed? You need to relax! You need to watch porn more than me:$

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