I keep seeing celebrities around everywhere, does this happen to you? read description below?

SO, some of today's biggest A listers are hard to miss on the big screen when a movie rolls out, a movie rolls out and you're like, oh, that's... so and so. But watch a movie from long time back, one of those huge hollywood films, that you watched back in the day, you don't realize that the big A listers from today were in those films, yea, you saw them in those films back in the day, but you don't realize those A listers were in those films till you watch those movies like 10 years later. Examples

Jurassic Park - Vince Vaughn, clearly saw this fucker in The Lost World when it came out in 1997, watched it 2 weeks ago and was like "Holy shit, that's Vince Vaughn"

Con Air - Dave Chapelle, saw this movie back in 1997, clearly saw Dave in the move back then, made no connection to Dave Chapelle till I saw it on TV last month, was like "Holy shit, that's Dave Chapelle"

American Psycho, Shaft, Equilibrium, The Machinist, Terminator Salvation, basically this man's entire filmography to date - Christian Bale, was like "Holy shit, I always knew who Cristian Bale was, but never knew him, KNEW HIM, as Christian Bale until Batman

Thelma and Louise, (1991) - Brad Pitt, was like "Holy shit, he STILL LOOKS THE SAME EVEN TODAY"

Beverly Hills Cop 2, Beverly Hills Ninja, Lethal Weapon 4, Boomerang - Chris Rock, was like "Holy shit, he's in movies? I thought he only did comedy and voice overs

Scent of a Woman (1992), - Phillip Seymour Hoffman, yup, he looks really young and he smiles all the time when he acts, just like this movie

Commando (1985) - Alyssa Milano, damn, even back then she looks... ah hmm, never mind

The Professional (1994) - Natalie Portman, I didn't realize this hottie was the same hottie of today till I saw the movie again 3 years ago, and no, I'm not a pedophile, I was around the same age she was in this movie, a bit younger actually, when I fell in love with her on screen performance i
Heath Ledger - before Dark knight, was in Monster's Ball, A Knight's Tale
Channing Tatum - Before 21 Jump Street was in Coach Carter, Step Up
Liev Schrieber - Before X Men was in Scream and Walk on the Moon
Charlize Theron - was in the movie "Monster"
Angelina Jolie - was in Hackers, Pushing Tin, Gone in 60 Seconds
Flea - from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, was in The Chase and Back to the Future
Jai Courtney - before Divergent was in the Tom Cruise movie, Jack Reacher back in 2012


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  • Yeah. And Damon Wayans was in Beverly Hills Cop.

    "Why don't you take those bananas."

    Michael Bolton was in Dune. :) Playing a drum on Arrakis.


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