Why can horrible actors get roles, but I can't even figure out how to start at this point?

For example, the acting in 'Sharknado 3' was atrocious.. not to mention the stupid plot, but seriously just as one example whenever the SyFy Channel puts a movie out, MOST of them have a LOT of bad actors... and I'd do much better if I had a chance. Emilia Clarke's biggest role before GOT was in a SyFy movie, and apparently her awful acting didn't hold her back


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  • It's who you know, not what you know


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  • It's all about getting that big break; for Clarke, that was her GOT role. Most SyFy movies are really low-budget, so they'll either cast no-names or former actors/musicians who haven't had a hit movie/song for a long time. I actually read an article a few months back by a guy who pitched something like 50 movie ideas to various low-budget production companies, including the one that did Sharknado. Even the world of crappy movies can be competitive, believe it or not.


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