Do you watch the National Football League?

The 2015-2016 season of the National Football League kicks off tonight. It's solely a sport in the United States of America, hence, it's American football (NOT soccer; I know most countries call "Soccer" "Football.")

Tonight's game is between the Steelers and Patriots in New England. I'm a huge, die-hard Bengals fan. Tonight, I'll root for the Steelers are the lesser of the evils: I loathe the Patriots more than any other team in the NFL now (I used to hate the Steelers and Ravens more.) I hate cheaters and Tom Brady gets no credit from me, since he cheated to enhance his statistics.

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@sketchy You taught me something I didn't know and you're the only non-American I've came across who watches American football.


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  • I have always watched it in the past, even though it meant staying up til 4am, because of the time difference.
    Unfortunately, the NFL sold the broadcast rights to an expensive subscription-only channel, meaning there will be no NFL games shown on free-to-air TV in the UK for the next two seasons.
    It's an incredibly stupid move by the NFL, as it will almost certainly kill all interest in the game, just as it was starting to gain popularity over here, with more Wembley games and even talk of a London franchise (you can insert your own pun about shooting oneself in the foot and Plaxico Burress).

    As for tonight's game, you'd have to pick the Patriots to win. At full strength, the Steelers are much the better team, but without Le'Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant, they don't have enough left on offense to make up for their defensive frailties.

    The Jets are my pick to do sneakily well this season (and I can say that because Rex Ryan isn't there any more). It seems like everyone has it in for Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he's a good QB (a *huge* upgrade over Geno Smith), plus they have loads of talent elsewhere, and the AFC East is kind of weak as well.

    • I think the Patriots will win too, as much as I hate to admit it. Then again, I love to see the Steelers lose too, since they're my second worst team lol.

      I think the Jets will be below average (I'll guess a 6-10 or 7-19 record) but then again, Fitzpatrick might surprise us.

    • They'll definitely do better than that. They have 5 games that they should win for sure (CLE, WAS, @OAK, JAC, TEN), and they'd hope to win at least the home games against MIA and BUF (and perhaps NE) - and then the games @HOU and @NYG are maybe 50:50.
      Overall, I'm expecting between 9 and 11 wins.

      I used to like the Steelers actually, back in the days of Troy Polomalu, Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis, etc. Not a fan of the current crop of players though.

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  • I'm a Panthers fan myself, listen to the games on the radio

  • No. I somewhat frequently watch college football. For some reason, after seeing a bunch of kids play football it seems weird to watch grown men do it.

    • Do you watch KIDS play football? Or are you referring to traditional college students (18-24) as "KIDS"? I hate when people refer to adults as kids (or even teenagers for that matter.)

    • compared to NFL players, 18-22 year olds are kids.. No wrinkles in their skin.. no beer bellies... kids. The toll of time has not yet come to collect.

    • Fair enough.

      It just seems like everyone refers to teens and young adults as "kids." It's not just you, but you said COMPARED to NFL players, and I can see that point.

  • The season starts tonight? Damn.

    You're just a Cincinnati fan through and through.

    I got NFL Sunday Ticket so I can watch all the games.

    • College football sucks.

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