So I read the book, the Ant Bully to my niece. I thought, how scary do u think shrinking to ant size would be? Also, do u think survival is realistic?

My niece loved the book :) I see it's a movie too, I'd like to check it out. So, I'd like to see opinions of this if it happened...
-how scary would it be to u?
-is survival a pipe dream?
-if u shrunk right now where u are, who or what would be your greatest obstacle?
  • I wouldn't last long if I shrunk
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  • I could go in to stealth mode and survive
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  • Honey I shrunk the kids.

    Yeah someone would just haphazardly just step on you one day and it's all over. Plus there would be spiders and other insects that could now eat you.


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  • take her to ant man movie and you would know how cool it would be when you shrink

  • Well any man doesn't seem to mind. He's a superhero, right?

    • Ant-man*

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    • That's all I get, is "thanks"?

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