What are you top 3 anime series?

I have holidays and the nights are long and boring :/
So I'm looking for something new to watch and need some input. Just tell me your top 3 anime series you've watched so far.

Feel free to post them in any order or more than 3 if you can't decide ;)

- Ghost in the Shell
- Kaichō wa Maid-sama! (I know it's for girls but I couldn't care less, I loved it!)
- Bleach (full of boring fillers and after the Aizen arc it got quite bad but I loved it to death)

There are many other ones I liked a lot bot those are some of my favourites.
gogo I need more suggestions :D


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  • I mean who doesn't like Kaichou wa Maid-sama, right? xD

    It is hard to pick top 3, but I would say my top 3 are:
    - Hunter X Hunter (1999 version)
    And then, the remake: Hunter X Hunter (2011)
    - Death note
    - (yet to be decided)

    Others I like too:
    - Rose of Versailles <3
    - Romeo no Aoi Sora <3
    - Shingeki no Kyojin
    - Slam Dunk <3
    - Takarajima
    - Vampire Knight <3
    - Vampire Knight Guilty <3
    - Rail of the Star
    - Steins;Gate
    - Mirai Nikki
    - Ouran High School Host club <3
    - Kaichou wa Maid-sama! <3
    - Tokyo Ghoul
    - Bakuman
    - Detective Conan
    - Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch <3
    - Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 <3
    Virtua Fighter
    - Umineko no Naku Koro ni
    - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
    - Fruits Basket
    - Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
    - Amnesia
    - Ao Haru Ride (cute :3)
    - Aka-chan to Boku (cute too :3)
    - Kimi ni Todoke
    - Kara no Kyoukai 1: Fukan Fuukei
    (I didn't watch all the movies though)

    Ones I plan to watch (I heard they are good):
    - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    - Monster
    - Fairy Tail
    - Guilty Crown
    - Kuroko no Basket
    - No. 6
    - One Outs
    - Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%
    - Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke
    - Kimi ni Todoke
    - D. Gray-man
    - 07-Ghost
    - School Days
    - Samurai Champloo
    - Clannad
    - Hyouka
    - True Tears

    (Pheww.. less than 2500 characters 😅)

    • Oh and I forgot to add (Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no shichinin) to plan to watch list. I heard it is similar to Romeo no Aoi Sora in the friendship concept, and I love stories talking about friendship. ^-^

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    • The one Rom. Com that really deserves all compliments, and I regret not mentioning it here is "Lovely Complex." I don't know how I forgot, but I guess it is because it's an old one.

    • Yeah, really REALLY bad plot. Its absolutely horrible.. But if you wanna see some super hot vampires.. I recommend it 😂
      And I heard about the manga of "Vampire Knight".. apparently Kaname is in some kind of deep sleep shit or something like that and then she goes back to Zero and he dies and she uses that thing where she kills herself to resurrect Kaname, and they had sex.. siblings DID IT. ewwww.
      But based on the ones I liked could you recommend any to me? I kind of read through your list but I didn't want to go through every single one haha.

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  • Kara no Kyoukai.
    Is the only one I can put in a "top #"

    I have several below it, that I can't put into
    how much I like them compared to the others.

    Hakuouki Shinsengumi
    7th ghost
    Angel Beats
    Tsubasa Chronicles
    Wolf's Rain
    Ga-rei zero
    Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    D. Gray Man
    K (memories of red)
    X (tv)
    Akame ga Kill!
    Higurashi (all of them)
    Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
    No. 6
    Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?(long name yeah)
    Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no shichinin

    I could go on.. ^.~

    • thanks. I heard from most of them but only watched X. but I'll go through that list as soon as I have time

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    • @Mesonfielde
      Mirai Fukuin (future's gospel)

      I'm uncertain whether it's a special or not
      but it is a side story, in two parts.

    • Ah no that's the sequel and not the special

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  • Most known Naruto, you can like watch them over your whole holiday.

    Witch Blade was cool

    High School DxD
    IS: Infinite Stratos
    Zero no Tsukaima
    Seikon no Qwaser
    Sora no Otoshimono

    Full metal alchemist

    Elfenlied (some can't keep watching past 4th episode)

    • thanks. not a fan of naruto and I've seen High School DxD, Fate/zero and Elfenlied. But I'll take a closer look at the other ones :)

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    • chin chan I watched a little bit when I was younger too.
      I started watching Guilty Crown a couple of months ago but got bored quickly.

      and no I'm not into hentai xD

    • I couldn't consider it hentai really, it's just psychotic kinky shit you wouldn't ever want to see if you are normal, well what is normal anyways

  • Gundam as a franchise. Although I haven't really liked the last decades series but I love the original up until like the late 90s early 00s.

    Cowboy Bebop

    Yu Yu Hakusho.

    But there's also a million movies I love as well. If you're looking for something entertaining to watch over your break watch Macross Plus it's the greatest OVA ever.

  • -dragon ball z
    -city hunter ( old anime , start aired on 1987)
    -school rumble

    by the way kaicho wa maid-sama is very cool , probably the only chickflick anime that i really enjoy

    • haha yes got it recommended by a friend and I started watching it with no expectations, but after the first couple of episodes I couldn't stop anymore :)

  • Steins;Gate
    Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    • heard that FMA is awesome really often... really have to check it out one day. Steins;Gate looks interesting too, thanks

    • And Baccano! as well, which is why it is on the list :p

    • FMA is awesome indeed, and on a sidenote
      my favourite singer is singing one of the openings. ^.^

  • Angel Beats (dem feels T. T)
    Nisekoi (my fave rom-com)

    Honorable Mentions:
    FLCL (a. k. a Fooly-Cooly)
    Zero In (the best police manga I've ever read, hoping it gets adapted into anime)

  • Monster
    Rose of Versailles (last half is epic!)

  • 1. Avatar The Last Airbender
    2. The very brief 5 minutes of cool anime in Kill Bill v1
    3. No more sorry

  • DBZ
    Detective conan (case closed)
    Hell Girl
    THere are others but I like these three the best

  • deathnote

  • Bleach, DBZ, Panty & Stocking

  • Naruto
    Sword art online

  • Hellsing
    akame ga kill
    and one piece

  • dragonball
    black cat

  • Series?

    -Afro Samurai

    -Ruroni Kenshin/Samurai X

    -Big O

    Those are my favorite series. Not my favorite anime though.


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