How to get perfect score on SAT?

I hate Critical Reading Section. I do good at sentence completion part , but the passage part makes me poor in English.


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  • A perfect score on the SATs is very hard to get. You would need to study a lot. Although studying will help tremendously, one must be intelligent from the get go. It is not about just remembering things, since the Sat is not all set in stone questions. I do not mean to be rude, but by your question I do not expect you to get a perfect score. Getting a 2000 is great too! Anything above a 1500 is good.


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  • I heard that if you rub Chapstick on the scantron thing where you bubble in the answers that it prevents the machine from marking any of the answers wrong.

    • This will get you in a lot of trouble.. adults that check these tests are not stupid. Do not do this.

    • hahaha

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