Why is there so many homosexual pairings in fan fiction?

So I didn't bring a book to work so I started browsing league of legends fan fictions. Some are amazingly written and are book quality. A lot of the pairings tend to be tradition male/female romance adventure.
but the more I read through each story the more I searched for more. The more I tried to find the most popliar/reviewed stories the more I realized all were female/female romance action adventures.

Fan an fiction are new to me and I actually appriciate it and started writing some. I do traditional male/ female adventure/ jelousy I've only been at it for a month and have gotten a small following of say...45 followers. I'm just astonish how
lesbian romance stories are just rediculosy popular. Personally I can't get into reading them from the first chapter.
I've found a handful of authors who still write traditionally male/female adventures but the older great stories are 2012-early 2014. It seems like the new wave of writers are really into female/female relationships. Maybe I'm older 27, maybe I'm new to the scene an don't get it.

I've always wanted to write so I gave it a shot and enjoy it.


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  • Maybe because the fangirls or fanguys who author the fanfic stories would prefer to see their biases end up with character from the same gender than those from the opposite gender.

    • That could be true, I feel like a select few that writes male and female romsnce adventures

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