Are the lord of the rings movies any good?

So my boyfriend has been asking me for weeks to watch all three movies with him back to back. He also told me that each movie is like 4 to 5 hours long! thats almost 15 hours of watching these movies. so I want to know if they're any good before I say yes to watching them with him. I don't want to sit there all bored. so is it worth 15 hours?
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I guess I'll watch them. thanks everyone.


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  • YES!!! Best movies ever. Seriously, that'll be the best 15 hours of your life xD
    I watch all 3 every year at least once, cause there are no better movies than LOTR. And it's not just me who says this, but the 3rd movie won 11 Oscars, and in total the 3 movies won 17 Oscars... I'd say that pretty much says how awesome they are.

    Thanks @MissNowhere for the mention ;)


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  • They are incredible... They have true humor, lovable characters, beautiful scenerys and adventure and deepness in storyline and AMAZING acting!!! And the music is so therapeutic.. the costumes are so good they won an Oscar and it's a series that can make you cry, jump from your seat, laugh or just make you zone out... It goes by really fast too


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  • They are good. But they might not be your cup of tea. Do you like cinematic action epics?
    Really though, whats to loose. You dont enjoy it, read a book or play on your phone and enjoy a cuddle while he enjoys the movies.

  • I own all 5 . They are indeed about
    4 hours long but well worth watching. Take about 1/2 hour break between each movie to get the numb feeling out ya butt

  • The movies are great but I have to admit it has a slow start but it gets better like any other movie

  • they are kind of a pain, I tried watching the first part thrice but snoozed off every time

  • It's more like 9 hours, still quicker than reading the book. Try to watch them all the same day.

  • Watch it and make your own opinion on it


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