Which phone is better LG G3 or Sony xperia zUltra?

I found 2 phones I like and their both in my budget and I have to order one tomorrow so I need opinions and suggestions.

1. Sony Xperia zUltra

Which phone is better LG G3 or Sony xperia zUltra?
So far I've heard this is the biggest phone that's in my budget, I haven't had any big phones in my life the phone I h ave is the HTC one m8, and this phone sucks! The zultra has a way better camera and it's good for gaming, watching movies with a 1080p display the battery life is amazing I heard depending on how you use it, it could last up to 2 days with 1 charge.
It's waterproof, and it's by Sony one of my favorite companies, this was going to be my phone until someone recommend LG g3.


Which phone is better LG G3 or Sony xperia zUltra?

I don't know much about this phone I know it has 1080p display, the screen is big not as big as the zx but it's pretty big
I know the battery life charges faster than the zx but it doesn't last half as long. The camera is a bit better than the zx, but the camera really doesn't matter I only really need it for watching movies, playing games, business calls, regular calls, and social media stuff I know I shouldn't have a fancy phone for that, that's why I'm not getting a Samsung phone etc..

So tell me what phone you think is better,
Which one would you get,
And which phone is actually better.
+if you have a phone that you think I'd like it'd really help just comment it my budget
Is 250 I found out how to get both of these phones at a small price.

Please no contract phones
Thank you


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  • Go with LG G3, I have a Sony Xper Z Ultra and if it's temperature is less than 30 Celsius degrees the screen will get black. 😕


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  • LG G3 has a QuadHD display, which is 2560x1440. Not a Full HD, which is 1920x1080.

    I loved my LG G2 in every way except for the lagginess. But you can modify Androids with different kernels and launchers and shit to make it less laggy. I don't know how much better/worse the Sony phone would be in this department though.

    I'd get the LG G3.

    GET THE ONEPLUS ONE OVER BOTH OF THESE. I fucking love my OnePlus One way more than the LG G2. It looks great, it has awesome battery life, it has Cyanogen Mod stock, it's fast, it has 64GB storage (for $299, I don't know how to get the 16GB one anymore).
    I would really, really, really recommend getting for $299 though. Worth the investment cause you'll love using it so much.


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  • Nokia 105!!!

  • The g3. I have it. Its sooooooo nice.


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