Whats your favorite song right now?

Asking because i need new people and songs to listen to.


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  • I have a few ahaha
    I've been listening a lot to Quietus by Epica
    Take it all away by Michael Schulte
    Dear doubt by Michael Schulte
    Metal heart by Accept


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  • I posted this song recently on a different GAG question, and ever since then it has been stuck in my head. I liked it already because I find a lot of meaning to it and can relate to it, but now I think I can declare this as my favorite song currently.

    Iris -- Goo Goo Dolls


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  • "Rot" by Northlane... It's freakin' RAD!! One of the sickest songs I've ever heard.

    • Thought it was ok. A bit too Hollywood trend scene. Lyrics were ok but the familiar trendy comfort zone is a deal breaker (for me).

    • @Entereality Yeah I think I see what you mean... I just see a positive message and a sound that's a bit more progressive than the usual these days, even within its own scene. And as a drummer, I think the drums are extremely well-done and a big driver for the song. Every little nuance of the drum-track has purpose, he's not just mindlessly beating away, like in more generic metal.

      Then as far as the guitar goes, the way the ambient tremolos mix with the heavy drops... 😳 It's like it breaks into this wide-open "expansive" soundscape, that first drop especially! It's perfect... the kind of sound I've wanted to hear for a while now. The riffing/tones are more my style and to my tastes...

  • James Bay - Let it go

  • Bastille - pompeii and la la la by sam smith


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