Any good/your favourite anime/s?

I'm currently looking for what animes people are watching nowadays. Can you tell me, which anime you would totally recommend? Which is your favourite of all?

... talking about the manga/anime thing^^


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  • My absolute favourite is Parasyte: the maxim. It's like kinda sci-fi I guess, with horror elements and action thrown in. It has great fight scenes but also has amazing comedy and a deep message. The character development is great and it's a show that will make you both laugh and cry. There's also some romance if you like that, but it's not a main plot so if you're looking for a romance anime, it might not be the best thing for you.

    I always generally recommend Clannad because it's cute but it's not for everyone. I'm currently re-watching DBZ. I can give more recommendations based on what kind of thing you like? :)


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  • (not in any particular order)
    One Piece
    Cowboy Bebop
    Code Geass
    Daily Lives of Highschool Boys
    Soul Eater (really, *really* good right up until the end, in my opinion :( )

    • Wow, many at once, that's great. So many talk about cowboy bebop, would you recommend it to everybody who likes anime?^^

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    • Just to clarify with Soul Eater, I thought it was really super duper amazing, until about the last episode/the end which I really wan't a fan of D:

  • fullmetal alchemist: Brotherhood.

    I like it because it's a good story and every character is relevant. I know it's "popular," but with good reason..

    • Ah, I heard of this one a lot but didn't get started yet. One reason more to think about it ^

    • oh, it's awesome. you won't be disappointed :-)

      unfortunately, netfix doesn't have the final season yet... Just make sure you watch the "brotherhood" version. The original is really bad.

  • Yu yu hakusho
    Death note
    Kill LA kill
    Samurai champloo
    Cowboy bebop
    Soul eater
    Elfen lied
    ^best anime (s) to ever exist.

  • I have to mention one that is pretty well known: Dragon Ball Z. So simple, yet so magnificent.

  • Right now for this season the best anime is food wars and overlord

  • I have recently stated watching Akame ga kill on toonami, and I like it a lot


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