Football Game Seating Question?

Hey there! I'm a college freshman and there is a huge game against our rivals this weekend. My dorm hall is planning on going as a group, but none of them have gotten their tickets yet. I got my ticket the first week of school (I didn't know how quickly they'd go!) and I have a really good seat by the endzone, but I have no idea how football seating in college works. If they don't get the same section (which they won't), does that mean I have to go solo and sit alone? It's a big game, so I guess I don't mind as I'm sure I'll be able to make some friends, but I don't want to be the creepy loner freshman if I don't have to be. So is seating pretty flexible once you're in the stadium or not? Thank you!


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  • Yep you'll have to sit alone if their seats aren't next to yours


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