Who do you think won Sam's heart on The Bachelor?

So its the Australian Bachelor and I hope Snezanna the winner! :D
Let me know as it is the finale tomorrow, and then we have the bachelorette! :)
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  • Lana
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  • I don't watch the show
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It's on in an hour and a half? C'mon there got to be more people watching it! No judgement from me 😀


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  • WTF? did he send sarah home?

    he's actually so stupid. i always thought heather and sarah would b there at the end -.-
    i hope he chooses Snez.

    • I was rooting for Snez all the way. I actually thought Snez and heather would be there at the end, bearing in mind with Sarah. They were strong at the start, but they are in different stages in life so it was faltering fast.

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    • Your welcome its so beautiful enjoy the re-run and all the fantastic moments!

    • thanks, will do! x

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