What's Your Favorite Acoustic Song?

I'm thinking about covering a new song on guitar, so I figured I'll see if GAG can't make my decision any easier. What is your favorite song? Doesn't necessarily have to be acoustic... but I ain't rapping or dropping any beats :P


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  • A youtube channel? Sweet! If only we lived next to each other, then we could be in a band xD
    Haha anyway, here are my top 3 acoustic ones. They have non acoustic versions, but the acoustic versions also great.

    1.) Iris (acoustic version) -- Goo Goo Dolls

    Pretty easy to throw emotion into it. Sounds good on acoustic too, and it isn't too crazy to sing or play. Especially works if you have a deeper voice (idk what your range is).
    2.) Slide (acoustic version) - Goo Goo Dolls

    Much more fun to play on guitar than Iris. It gives the chance to show off guitar skills and vocal skills since they take turns taking the main melody.
    3.) Everlong (acoustic version) - Foo Fighters

    This is probably the easiest to play on guitar out of the songs listed. Really good opportunity for emotion. Has great lyrics, good vocals, and is overall just a great song.

    • Great recommendations! Goo Goo Dolls are amazing! And not yet with the youtube channel. I literally just got my mic stand and cables today in the mail. Tomorrow I'll figure out how it all works. And hey, if you could record yourself in anyway, I would totally add you in as a collab!

    • Haha well I do have recording equipment, logic pro, and drums/guitar/bass xD I would totally fill in whatever parts you don't have but want lol

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