Do you know about Die Antwoord, and if you do what you think of them?

It took some adjusting, but eventually I was okay with them. How about you? Too much?


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  • I like the music, not my type in general, but it's good, depending on my mood.
    Some people tend to be harsh to things they can't understand or find weird.

    • It's definitely something people aren't used to. No big asses and jiggly boobs and stuff. These people are apparently, real with what they do.

    • It's also quite unique. Its beats are very catchy !

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  • I've heard of it but not much. First time I actually listen it. It's so weird they mixed English with some Afrikaans so you're sort of constantly switching in your head.
    I'm not a fan of rap so I don't really like it...

  • I know nothing of him.
    Hence - I don't think anything of him.

  • I first heard "I Fink You Freaky" and it was really catchy. It's a shame how they act, though. I heard they were racist and that turned me off of the group.

    • How can they be racist when they live in South Africa? Lol. Plus there's colored people in their videos.

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    • Hun, don't believe everything you read. :)

    • Too bad they have blackface in their videos. :)

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