Is anyone on here bummed out that Aqua Teen Hunger Force was recently cancelled?

I know it's been on for a long time but it was still going strong creatively and (from what i read) the ratings were still decent.
For fans of the show: what were your favorite episodes? Who were your favorite characters? Personally i'm partial to any episode with the mooninites in it, as well as the hand banana episode.


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  • [Jersey accent ] *tearing up*
    Shut up drink cup. I ain't crying. This news is worse than when your meatball roommate put my car on the roof.


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  • Oh please it isn't canceled. They're just saying that. XD At least I hope they are. O_O

    • no, it's definitely cancelled. you can google it and find a million stories on it. it sucks but it's true.

    • *Puts fingers in ears* LA LA LA LA LA LA I'm not listening. You tell lies.

  • not at all I hated that show and I can't believe that it lasted this long


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