Script Writing in Unity?

Hi i kind of need help with writing scripts in unity. What software is needed to write c#?
I think it isn't working for me as my laptop hasn't got enough storage and i can't delete anything because i need the other softwares for my computing gcse. I'll try re-downloading Unity when i get a new computer later this year.


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  • Its called Mono Develop but it comes with unity. If you click on object then add component then add script and select c# instead of javascript. Then double click on it and it should open Mono Develop. If this doesn't work reply or PM me :)

    Good luck in the wonderful word of programming

    • i'm not sure she'd be asking these questions if she actually knew unity

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    • Once you have learnt one language then it becomes much easier to learn others as many languages have similar syntaxes and thanks for the MHO :D

    • Also I just finished my computing gcse :) so if you need help with that just message me :)

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  • Nice to see girls developing games but you probably won't find much help here. Try or

  • C#? why are you messing with C#? every software uses python nowadays, thats the one you should be learning. Besides, most stuff in unity is done with expressions who needs scripting when you have node graphs

    • you don't need any software to write any programming language, you can just use a text editor. but i suggest you actually learn the software before you go trying to script for it because i think you're misunderstanding the core concepts

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    • @aliencreature :O excel uses VBA! Almost every company in the world uses excel!

    • @RedAmulet dude what planet are you living on? who the fuck needs to program to write spreadsheets? i'll tell you what, anyone who uses visual basic in conjunction with excel is living in 1995 and needs to get with the times. i worked AP for a mocap house and they used google drive for all our spreadsheets. fast iteration, cloud access, versioning. not one bit of programming, especially not with visual basic. though i did offer to script a web portal for logging man hours

  • Visual Studio. Or at least I think that probably has a plugin for it, but I am not sure.


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