Character Development help please?

Alright guys & girls of GaG, I need help with developing two of my original characters for an action-thriller genre story I'm writing.

1. Natalie Reed
- Sex: Female
- Age: 24
Background: Born on May 12th, 1988 in Anchorage, Al. Raised in a cosy loghouse with her then-30 year-old dad and 28 year-old mom. Her dad was a former Navy Master-at-Arms who now works with local law enforcement; her mom is a seasoned mountain guide, attached to a tour agency in Vancouver. Natalie grew up a bold and adventurous girl, not afraid to step outside her comfort zone. She learnt firearm safety and basic marksmanship from her dad at the tender age of 7, and often went on hiking trips with her mom during middle school. Upon graduating high school, Natalie enlisted in the Marines at Parris Island. Appearance-wise, she stands at 5'4", has a well-toned build and a small bust. When not in uniform, she is often seen in a short-sleeved navy mini-dress, coupled with black tights and dark blue Mary Janes.

2. Anderson Brooke
- Sex: Male
- Age: 25
Background: Born on July 21st, 1987 in Delaware City, Del. Brought up in an apartment block with an older brother. His dad is a commercial airline pilot with over 10000 flying hours on wide-body airliners; his mom works 5 days a week as a service manager at a diner in town. Anderson was a rather competitive boy, and would always make his brother Timothy feel inferior by beating him in tests, races and games. When Timothy joined the Coast Guard after high school, Anderson enlisted in the Army, wanting to serve on the ground. Anderson is 5'6", and has a lean muscular build. His casual-wear typically consists of a maroon checked dress shirt, olive cargo pants and running shoes or Crocs.


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  • How's your story coming along?

    • Well, I've only written a few pages of it - just going into Natalie interacting with her trainees in the Academy. Most of the focus is on the trainees under her care and how they're coping with the transition from school to military life.

      Sorry for the late reply, I was ill for a while. Recovering from UTIs (yeah I know it's rare for boys to get UTIs but I'm kinda prone to getting them for some reason).

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