What is explicit about Demi Lovato's new single "Confident"?

Yesterday I purchased Demi Lovato's new single, "Confident", and got the explicit version. I listened to it and noted I didn't hear any bad language throughout. So today I googled the lyrics and saw that there is no foul language in it. I'm just wondering why the song is rated as explicit then if there are no bad words? I know that in "Cool For The Summer", you very clearly hear f*ck in the middle of the song, and that song is rated explicit, but I just don't get why "Confident" would be given the same rating if there is nothing wrong with it?


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  • Innuendos perhaps


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  • You don't have a dirty mind

    • Apparently not. I guess I just didn't realize a song could be rated explicit if there wasn't any bad language. Thanks for your opinion.

  • Cool for the summer.

    • You almost gave me a "Heart Attack"

    • I dont understand

    • It's pun, you said "Cool For The Summer" and another one of her songs is titled "Heart Attack", it was pretty popular 2 years back, perhaps you've heard it, lol I tried to be funny and failed :D oh well

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