What are some of your favorite things about the Harry Potter series?

What do you love about Harry Potter? Characters, parts of the story, etc? I feel like fangirling.

I love everything about the Weasley family. I think they're the coolest! And I aways loved Snape. Draco can be cute in his own little shit head way :) But I really just love everything about it of course!


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  • i totally with you on the weasley family. they are my favorite fictional family ever. i tried telling my mom she acts just like molly weasley but she does not seem to know it is a compliment. and my mom would totally say not my daughter bitch if someone tried to kill me.
    i loved the line, Better than firewhiskey so much so that it is my background on my profile
    i really wish the movie were more accurate the two events i really wished they included are: neville's speech about harry when they thought he was dead, Voldemort being happy because he thought he was joining the death eaters, and neville said i will join you when hell freezes over, and harry and Ginny's relationship i felt it was not properly represented like how it was in the books but i did love when Bonnie wright ran screaming towards harry when they heard he was dead that was good acting.
    and i really wish they included when ron got detention when he stood up for hermione because that was the moment i shipped ron and hermione
    i love how the books were way more detailed than the books especially about characters other than harry like Draco. The fact that Draco hesitated when he was about to kill Dumbledore even though Dumbledore was unarmed it would have made it easy for Draco to kill Dumbledore but he didn't because he's not a killer but yes he is a shithead.
    have you heard of #potteritforward? its when you write a note how much you love harry potter and leave it in one of the books for other harry potter readers to find i want to do it but harry potter changed my life in so many way i have to think of a way to put that in one note.
    as a big harry potter fan i love to put other people in their house i am a gryffindor, my second oldest sister is one two, my younger brother is a hufflepuff, my older brother is a slytherin, and my oldest sister is a hufflepuff

    • Omg you're my favorite. I agree with you on all of that and I had not heard of #potteritforward that's amazing and awesome! I need to go find a library to leave my feelings in some books!!!

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    • thanks for MHG!

    • Well yeah, you're clearly the best! hahaha

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