Does your grandma even Skyrim bro?

what do you think of this skyrim playing grandma?

Does your grandma even Skyrim bro?

  • my grandma can't even work her phone :(
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  • i wish she was my grammie
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  • that's cute that grandma fished the campaign my grandma finished multiplayer! :D
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  • i dont even care
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  • muffin button
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  • Well, I don't have a grandma, but if I did, I'd love to sit down and slay some dragons with her, way better than listening to her way back stories.


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  • i dont have relationship with my grandma (mom's mom) my other grandma (dad's mom) has been dead for a little over a year but when she was alive i didn't have relationship with her either


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  • i would love if my grandma even knew the power button. she barely knows how to use a tv

    • true story :p

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    • eh i think its open to interpretation skyrim is a cool game but after i beat the game and all the DLC got kinda boring

    • yeah. i then decided to become the leader of every guild. after that, i just added mod after mod to the game until it was barely running properly. but it is still fun sometimes

  • My grandma stole your sweetroll.

  • This is amazing.


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