Best zombie/horror tv shows?

There's only two zombie shows i know of and thats
Z Nation The walking dead

I am currently watching Z nation i've never watched the walking dead and i've got to say z nation is a really good show for me to be on the 1st episode

Best zombie/horror tv shows?

I know Halloween is coming up one of my favorite holidays and usually im scared of doing scary things watching scary stuff but i want to live life i'm trying to get scared out of my head! i'm going to all kinds of haunted houses this October.

To the question
What's your favorite zombie, vampire, warewolf, or even ghost tv shows?
and choose which is better

Z nation or The walking dead
  • Z nation!
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  • The walking dead!
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  • Other: please specify
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The Walking dead is the best of the best, Z nation sucks...

    • z nation has made me laugh i fell in love with it and one of its characters

    • Ok, it's kinda funny, you are right about that :P

Most Helpful Guy

  • Z nation is a poor mans walking dead i am looking forward to fear the walking dead so hard to find good zombie content when you seen/played everything


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What Girls Said 5

  • High school of the dead and is this a zombie. They're both animes.

    • I've watched a couple episodes of high school of the dead, but never seen the other one

    • yeah the other one is newer, it's also more of a comedy.

  • Seen commercials for z nation but haven't bothered. Nothing is close to good as TWD.

  • As far as horror TV shows, American Horror Story is by far the best, or at least in my opinion

  • I think you know my answer.

  • does anime count?

    • yes it does

    • Highschool of the Dead is the best zombie anime iv seen
      but Gakkou Gurashi! is my is neat though the anime itself isn't that great but the manga is sooo good

What Guys Said 2

  • The Walking Dead is the best horror tv show in the last decade.

    • I don't know... i was watching the first episode of the walking dead... when he shot the girl it was kind of ok
      but when they were eating in the car it bored me so bad i went back to z nation. you never get seconds without action on z nation or comedy

    • I think Walking Dead are more realistic, dead people wouldn't be able to run like in Z nation.

  • Both of the shows you mentioned sucked.

    • have you seen the 3rd option?

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    • *This isn't an argument.

    • Surely isn't an agreement

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