What is the best show to come out recently?

many great shows are ending this year; lost girl, continuum, aqua teen hunger force, and there are many new shows to take their place, some of them seem promising but ultimately none of them are outstanding, yet. which show do you have the highest hopes for and which one has impressed you the most?
  • Lucifer
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  • Limitless
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  • Minority Report
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  • Moonbeam city
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  • Dark Matter
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  • the Bastard Executioner
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Most Helpful Girl

  • None Of The Above

    The final series of Hannibal and although it's last years, True Detective, series 1. I was blown away by it and I totally fell in love with Cohle from episode 1.

    • i felt it was a bit disappointing. dry, dark, and... whats the cinema version of being verbose? like its trying to sound deep or enlightened but its really just plot stuffing. ultimately the hallucinations and cohles nihlist rants were the only part i enjoyed, but i think elliot did it way better and more poignant in mr robot.

      DAMN! i should have added mr robot to the list

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    • everything you say is on a delay so i reply after you've said something else

Most Helpful Guy

  • I usually pick up a show or two a year but this year none jumped out for me. My current favourite is "The 100" but that is going into season 3 now.

    • i saw the trailer for that but it really felt cw-esque. like they got a bunch of pretty faces in cliche situations so to hell with the acting and writing. ironically CW has been more and more on this superhero thing which is actually making them less crappy and shallow so cw-esque doesn't represent their entire lineup anymore, just the crappy ones. that show tomorrow people sucked balls, which is a shame because it had so much potential. if only they cast someone other than robbie amell, freeloading on his brothers acting career

    • ooh I love The 100!

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What Girls Said 1

  • I like Bates Motel, Dark Matter and Killjoys.


What Guys Said 4

  • I'm looking forward for "The Last Kingdom" since I love those Medieval shows.

  • None of this. Watch Luther.

    • well thats not recent thats been around for a while. never been into plain jane murder mysteries though. had enough of that with true detective. so overrated

  • Dark Matter is my favorite new show...

  • Do not watch limitless. I suggest watching Gotham.


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