Why do random people want to appear on stupid reality shows?

Unless you're doing it because you're getting paid ridiculous amounts of $... WHY would you want to do that? LIke when people's families come on... or old people who you'd think would find it dumb... I just don't get it at all.


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  • i think a better question is why do people watch stupid reality shows, that have nothing to do with reality

    • I've already asked that one :P

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    • i'm totally with you on that. i never watched much tv until the last couple of years because there are finally so many good shows now. you know the kind with actual scripts and actors who know what they're doing, not retards mugging on camera and looking for attention, while having absolutely no skill at anything other than being an annoying jerk off. and even then my tv stays off quite a bit still, i'd rather listen to music than bother with most of it.

    • Yes also there are entire series I want to see. The x files doctor who etc. Those will take up a lot of time... never saw the wire..

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  • The think they will be spotted and giving a TV role or something. It baffles me as well.


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