What actors do you think might help me get an opportunity in TV/Film if I asked? Also, what do you think about this "friend" who refused to help?

I met Martin Sheen in 2008 and sent a letter asking him, but he told me his production company folded when 'The West Wing' ended or he would have helped with that but had no control over casting anymore. I figure there has to be a few out there with companies who might be willing to give me a chance. A lot of them don't accept unsolicited inquiries if you randomly contact them, so it is hard. :( Also, we don't speak anymore for various reasons, but they were working for Zach Braff's mother, and so had met him, and spent Thanksgiving with him there, etc... and I asked if they would be willing to talk to him to see if he would be willing to give me a chance in anything he was doing (like the film he was using crowdfunding for) and they flat out refused to even consider asking or anything. They knew how badly I needed help too, and if there was even a chance asking him could've helped me I don't think that's very nice to refuse.

I am not having luck in politics so I want to try to see if i can succeed in my #2 passion.


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  • I'm kind of in entertainment (hobbyist video game developer) and I know one thing: You have to be so good, you don't need them to be a star. With YouTube, you can make a name for yourself and have to be consistent with your work.

    • Which game studio? Also, name one mainstream actor who started on YouTube

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    • I have ideas that require me to go places and interact with people and I have no life and no income until I get a job offer :(

    • There is the internet. Google marketing and self promotion tips.

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