Which death/fight scene video do you find more funny?

Video #1 -

Video #2 -

Video #3 -

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Most Helpful Guy

  • All of them, although the 3rd movie didn't do Cynthia Rothrock's talents any justice

    • Yeah. Rothrock was probably the only cast member in the movie that was an actual martial artist. The other two men are just throwing telegraphed punches and making hilariously unnecessary grunts and screams. lol

    • She was also quite appealing in a lot of her flicks, drawing martial arts fans and also those who thought she was hot...


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  • oh man those were all funny as fuck. i picked the 2nd one tho, i remember seeing it a few years ago when an old friend on here showed me it. it's so retarded it's perfect for laughing like mad.

  • The one from Monty Python holy grail. The one with the black knight.

  • A, always A.

    • Yup. In the video, it reals that Jesus Christ's death on the bibe was all a lie. His real death was from Jackie Chan's nutshot of death, lmfao.

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