Imagine there is a movie about elementary-middle school based off modern elementary-middle school students. What is it rated?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • PG 13 but that's not an option lol so i said 15+. being a teenager myself, i went to junior high a few years ago and the amount of vulgarity and swearing and just downright inappropriate things that happened would definitely make it NOT PG. kids smoked weed in the bathrooms, came to school high, one chick got pregnant, girls gave bjs to anyone and everyone, and you couldn't walk in the hallways for more than 5 seconds without getting your ass slapped by a stranger.


Most Helpful Guy

  • probably pg13 (i guess ma 15+) or r. hell, my friends and i have been cursing since about age 7 or 8 at least. I don't know about the drinking and smoking, but i knew plenty of kids who drank and/or smoked weed in middle school.


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  • I think PG.


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