Pick a hip hop style?

Pick your favorite hip hop genre.

By the way I know ASAP Rocky isn't from Texas. His style of music originated there though.

I know Texas is the South, but their music is separate. I could have made it even more diverse by seperating Louisiana, New Orleans, Mississipi, etc. but in many ways they are all similar but different than Texas so I did it that way.

I also seperated Outkast and put them into the experimental catergory because I believe they fit that better even though they do have ATL sound as well.
  • Drill Rap (Ex. Chief Keef, G Herbo, King Louie)
    Vote A
  • Southern Hip Hop (Ex. Master P, Curren$y, Big KRIT)
    Vote B
  • NY Hip Hop (Ex. Jay Z, Joey Bada$$, 50 Cent)
    Vote C
  • Experimental Hip Hop (Outkast, Run the Jewels, Odd Future)
    Vote D
  • ATL Hip Hop (Ex. T. I., Future, Young Thug)
    Vote E
  • Texas (lean/chopped & screwed) Hip Hop (Ex. UGK, Travis $cott, ASAP Rocky)
    Vote F
  • Canadian Hip Hop (Ex. Drake, Tory Lanez, Jazz Cartier)
    Vote G
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I should have added West Coast (like Cali) Hip Hop (Ex. Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, Dom, etc.)

You can comment below if you like them.


Most Helpful Guy

  • The fact that you forgot the West Coast is kind of insulting :S

    My style is Old School West Coast and East Coast and early 2000 Detroit's rap, with Eminem, Obie Trice, Proof, D12...

    • Yeah I totally forgot bro. I'm sorry. I love West Coast. It's hitting hard. Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle, Skeme, Kendrick Lamar, The Game is coming out with Doc 2. Even Dre dropped an album.

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    • But my favorite Em songs are the serious ones like Lose Yourself, Never Enough, Go To Sleep, Till I Collapse, 8 Mile, Stan... I also like when he's Shady, but I prefer when he's Eminem.

    • Yeah maybe that's the difference. He's more of a shock rapper as "Slim Shady" and more of a motivational artist as "Eminem". Still he has clever bars regardless. I consider Stan to be a shock song.

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  • "I know Texas is the South, but their music is separate."
    Bruh I know what ya mean man, that chopped and screwed shit is heavy here in Houston but yo you should see the hate I get when I say I feel it too much. You should see the slabs I be seeing on the daily around here man lol. Artist like Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and Z-Ro are cool and all but I bump that NY Rap the most. Joey Bada$$ is the dopest artist out right now in my opinion and is severely underrated.

    • Yeah like you can't lump together guys like UGK with guys like Master P. It's definitely not the same.

      True traditional NY rap isn't really doing much these days though right? I mean the only big time artists I can think of that are within that mold are Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson (maybe?), and Troy Average (because he's average at best). Joey is underrated, but I still wouldn't put him up there with the top guys in the game right now. Top 10 for sure though. That's just my view.

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    • Yeah I think it did go over the typical listener's head, because these days nobody wants to listen to an album more than once. You HAVE to listen to TPAB more than once to fully understand it. It has been criticized by a lot of people who don't really listen to hip hop yeah I agree. They were talking about how "Alright" is racist. Not really understanding the concept. The song is about self motivation despite the circumstances that surround him.

      Yeah Future and Drake flopped. The whole project should have just been an EP with just the songs "Digital Dash", "Diamonds", and "Jumpman" on it.

      You Kendrick and Cole's collab album? Yeah I'll be fire. They have already collaborated on songs before and they are fire. Check "Jig is up" and "Hiipower". Cole's production sounds good with Kendrick's bars. I haven't really listened to Kid Cudi much, but yeah probably.

      Same thing I thought. I was like "Man this project is going to be wack." It's actually at least decent if not good.

    • Nah I haven't heard Distant Relatives, but I've heard it's very good.

  • Which styles would August Alsina, Chris Brown, Eminem, and T-Pain be part of?

    • Also, what's the difference between all those styles? And what's the difference between rap & hip hop?

      Forgive me for my lack of knowledge in this, I don't listen to rap that often and I constantly hear people use the terms "rap" and "hip hop" like as if they were the same thing, but I've never heard anyone actually explain the difference to me.

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    • I wake up, check my GAG notifications, and I see those big ass, detailed answers that actually manage to explain everything in a way that makes sense xD

    • Glad I could help man :)

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