What's your Favorite quotes from Futurama?

One of mine is,

Fry: But won't that change history?

Professor Hubert Farnsworth: [ultra sarcastic] Ohh, a lesson in not changing history from Mr. "I'm My Own Grandfather"! Let's just steal the damn dish and get out of here! Screw history!
Zapp: Stop Exploding you cowards!


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  • My favorite all come from the same episode...

    Leela: It's amazing that your people can fall in love so fast.
    Dr. Zoidberg: Love? That word is unknown here. I'm just looking for a female swollen with eggs who will accept my genetic material.
    Fry: You and me both, brother!

    Fry: So you have to choose between life without sex and a hideous, gruesome death?
    Dr. Zoidberg: Yes.
    Fry: Man, tough call.

    Fry: Now, ask her how her day was.
    Dr. Zoidberg: Why would I want to know?
    Fry: You wouldn't. Ask anyway!
    Dr. Zoidberg: How was your day?
    Edna: Well, first I got up and had a piece of toast. Then I brushed my teeth. Then I went to the store to buy some fish...
    Dr. Zoidberg: Fry, look what you did! She won't shut up.

    Dr. Zoidberg: This "love" intrigues me. Teach me to fake it.

    Dr. Zoidberg: I'm confused, Fry. I'm feeling a strange new emotion I have never felt before. Is it love when you care for a female for reasons beyond mating?
    Fry: Nope. Must be some weird, alien emotion.

    Literally all of that is in one episode...


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