What do you think of my friends videos?

They are based off of car repairs and I think he's just stating off with making videos... anyway, what do you think of it? I personally think they are informative especially for a visual learner like myself. What do you think?



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  • Hmm... I like it but if he just speaks a bit louder and the camera work is better I would like it more.
    Maybe get a second person to help him hold the camera so his voice can be recorded properly and the viewers can see what he's working on at a better angle?

    • I mentioned the sound thing to him, he said that its because he's using an ipad, but then I watched the same video on my phone and it was louder and I could hear him as plan as day... maybe it just depends on the kinda speakers you have?

    • Well they are going through my Dolby 5.1 so I don't know , I had to dial it up to 75% to hear him clearly.
      The camera angle is a problem tho.

    • I see, yea, I think he was trying to tape the whole thing, and do the video all on his own, I think thats why the angle is a bit off...

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  • Yes interesting video for people into automobile stuff

  • they will come in handy when I get my car

    • he's hoping his videos will be useful to people and I think they will be especially for beginners :)

    • If you live in the US, you won't have the option to own a Peugeot. I'd love to see some on the road but for some reason there's no market here.

    • @Gommers Oh, I had no idea...

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