Girls, do you watch Say Yes to the Dress?

"Say Yes to the Dress" is a popular tv show. Various brides to be go to the store and try on different dresses.

Girls, do you watch Say Yes to the Dress?
Even though I may never marry, I watch the show. I like looking at all the bridal designs. What about you?

Bonus question: Which do you prefer, the original (at Kleinfeld's in New York) or Atlanta? Or both?
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  • My mother and I, two very ungirly ladies, are shamelessly addicted to that show. We sit and critique the dresses to our hearts' content.

    • I do that with my mom and sister when I go visit them. Both are self proclaimed "tomboys" who don't dress up. But we all just love to watch!

    • Same here. We don't actually know the different fabrics or anything lol

    • I know some (since I did costuming), but not sure sometimes what they use in bridal. I tried telling them the differences in the beginning when they asked, but they don't any more so we just say "No, the other was better" or something lol.

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  • I've watched it on occasion. It blows my mind how much people are willing to spend on a dress.


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