What should I do with the baby when it is born and how do I tell him in dungeons and dragons?

Well, I was playing D&D 5E and my character got pregnant. My character is a water genasi, rogue, assassin named Rinyah in a town rebuilt after the main city fell from the skies (it was being held up by impenetrable crystals). Anyway, my character fell in love with the prince of the demon realm, Vasheel, who is soon to be king. We used magic to determine the sex of the baby, a boy. Basically, the baby will be in line for prince but Vasheel doesn't know about the baby. Where do I go from here because it is due in a game month's time. Vasheel has left to kill his farther so he has not been with my character for the whole time of pregnancy.

When the baby comes, it will be half my demonic and half genasi so it will be extremely overpowered with both fire and water elemental powers. Also, the ramshackle town I live in is critically against demonic beings so Vasheel and the child would be either banished or assassinated.

So my question here is, what should I do with the baby once it comes? Just be aware that as a genasi, I would not fit well if I moved to the demon realm. Also, if I marry Vasheel, my name then becomes Vashrinyah.

If possible, answer poll and leave a comment. All comments will be extremely helpful. :)

Thanks! Xx

  • Keep the baby and raise it in the demon realm with Vasheel.
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  • Kill the baby so Vasheel doesn't know about his son.
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  • Give the baby away to another family.
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  • Use my disguise kit until the baby becomes independent enough to live by themselves.
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  • Help Vasheel overrun both demon realm and remains of overworld.
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  • Give the son to Vasheel to raise himself in the demon realm.
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  • Keep the baby from Vasheel.
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    Hide the baby and raise it as your own super powered minion. When the kid is of age the over the throne and rule with him as a puppet king.


    • The only issue is having to hide the son from the leaders of the second city. They will assassinate him.

    • I made a typo lol meant to say overthrow the throne lol
      hm that would be tricky. I haven't played Dungeons and Dragons but maybe there's a disguise spell? Or perhaps you can do what they did in "The Man in the Iron Mask"

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  • Eat the baby then run away and join the circus.

    It's the only whay...


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  • Had a guy asked this instead, this would've had a LOT more answers.

    Probably hateful, bashing answers, but still more than what you've got so far. :P

  • put one of those child leashes on it, and have the Polizei train it as an attack dog, then clear out the town and claim it as your own sovereign realm.

  • Just wow..

  • If you need to ask a virtual pregnancy situation in real life, means you need to grow up a bit.


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