Can anyone mention some really good underrated bands?

Bands like:
The Wipers (Nirvana would not have existed without them or The Melvins)
The Melvins
Love (Only created the greatest album of the 1960's)
The Gun Club (Jeffrey Lee Pierce was a great)
The Kinks (yeah i know they sold a lot but are still vastly underrated for their contributions)
13th Floor Elevators (The 1st psychedelic band in America, look it up.)
Rocket From The Tombs (The last 3 are the greatest punk bands from the 70's besides The Ramones and The Damned)


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  • I like Bones Muhroni but with that list of bands you've given I'm not too sure you'd be into them


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  • Depends on what kind of music genres you're looking for exactly?


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