Know any sad songs?

I don't know many, but I need some so 😔

of course adding a video with it is appreciated but you don't have to.


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  • It's a simple song.

    The old
    The young
    The brave
    Astound all around you

    The lights fell down upon the world and did surround you

    Take care of all the lonely souls or I will haunt you

    Oh, how you walked through the dark and light destroyed you

    Here's another one.
    The slippery slopes you made
    Your skin it was soaking
    With your father outside
    By the shed he was smoking
    Your mother was calling us in from the cold
    As your brother was sinking further into the snow

    An olive for an eye on the snowman we were making
    And the face that told us why
    The moment was fleeting
    And I remember us walking to the edge of the wood
    And your brother was jumping just like he always would

    On his rocking chair your grandpa was listening
    To the voice in the back and the sounds of the morning
    And I remember you crying at the top of the stairs
    ‘Cause your mother was fighting
    Your father was not there

    Remember us, remember us,
    Remember us, remember us in the snow.


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    It's dear no one by tori Kelly

  • Said I loved you but I lied-Micheal Bolton.

    Now I respect the singer. I l grew up listening to him a lot. However, this was the last song that my dad and I danced to before my parents split and I knew it was gonna happen and it made me cry. I cried a lot whenever I heard it play afterwards.

  • I'm obsessed with this one right now. It is sorta sad, but it's also beautiful. The Neighbourhood - The Beach.

  • I can't live if living is without you.. Mariah Carey

  • Luckiest Girl Acoustic- Vinsten
    Mad World- Gary Jules
    Born to Die- Lana del Rey
    Seaside- The Kooks
    Sound of Silence- Simon & Garfunkel (favorite)
    Silent Storm - Carl Espen
    A Drop in the Ocean- Ron Pope

    I listen to those when I'm sad <3 Feel better.


    Saddest song ever. 😭 just because of content.


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