Does anyone listens to The Strokes? And what is your favourite song of them?


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  • I do! I used to make stencils and spray paint their logo on my shirts/bags/backpack.

    Saw them live too !

    It's hard to choose, but I'll go with Automatic Stop

    • That's awesome! I envy you cause I never got to see them live

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    • Is your username from Meet Me in the Bathroom?

    • Yes, they're working on a new album! But I don't know if they're coming to my country. Oh that's normal but I think I wouldn't mind a lot with his voice. Trying Your Luck is my favourite! No, why?

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  • i liked them when they first came out, their first album kinda had the vibe of iggy's lust for life album. then i saw them live and was done with them, they bored me to tears. if you can't pull a good show live then it's over as far as i'm concerned.


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  • Reptilia baby! haha

  • Last nite and You only live once.


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