If you were a Gym Leader, what would your team be?

Just to clarify for the not so Pokemon savvy, your team normally has a theme. It's normally a type theme, but this time I'm letting you choose whatever you want. How nice of me! :)
All pokemon are allowed except legendaries, but I'm allowing the "lower" legendaries like the dogs and bird trio.

My team:

If you were a Gym Leader, what would your team be?
Thanks :)


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  • I don't do themes :P I'm also not particularly choosing the best Pokemon, just some of my favourites!

    1. Sylveon (actually isn't bad)
    2. Altaria (probably gonna be mega Altaria too because look at that thing <3 )
    3. Banette
    4. Breloom
    5. Skitty because why the fuck not
    6. Arcanine

    Just some of my favourites that I want near me :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Gyarados
    Dragonite (highest level, signature pokemon)

    This would make a pretty bad team, but it's really just a grouping of my favorite pokemon while also having some mixed types.

    • The question was really for your favourite pokemon, but if you want to make things actually work that's cool. My view on the competitive side is sort of like yours here- a mix of pokemon you like, but they have to be good too :)

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    • I love umbreon too, it's just jolteon BARELY is a bit higher on my list. I have a little jolteon plush sitting on my computer right now. It's pretty adorable.

    • Aww, I wanted to get an umbreon one, but my good friend beat me to it. I'll find something else :)

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  • Mega evolution of eevee team x3

  • The blue team.


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