Are you a gamer? what's your gaming system?

Mother Board?
Video card?


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  • I am but I don't know anything about computers so I just ordered my parts from Newegg and I have the year special with BestBuy for $200 so they put it together for me. I'm actually going to pick it up tomorrow, very excited lol but i've been replacing parts as needed for a year or so at least now and this is what I finally have.

    I have a MSI 645 motherboard

    1TB Solid State HardDrive

    Intel i7

    Evga Geforce gtx graphics card, kind of like this one

    Corsair 1000W power supply

    I also found a phantom case online, like this one but it was a little cheaper

    And I got a decent sized fan but it was more expensive at Computer Heaven, like this one though not sure the exact brand.

    • Also probably going to purchase a more expensive graphics card once this one goes out lol

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    • Yep. looks like some walking dead stuff! could be fun to play.

    • Thank you :)

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  • yup

    Intel Core i7-2600k @4.5Ghz
    ADATA 8GB DDR3-1600
    Asus Geforce GTX 970
    Gigabyte P67A-UD5

    when I upgraded my PC 2011 I had a GTX 580 but replaced it last year with the 970. CPU still more than powerfull enough for everything

    • Great!, I guess you could play almost every modern video games in its high settings with this baby!
      by the way upgrading the video card is a good idea!

    • that's why I have a PC, to play in the best settings with antialiasing and all that shit. And the games are cheaper than on console, but I have also a PS4 so I could just use that if I'd be okay with lower quality settings.

    • thanks for MHO

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