GUITARISTS please, have I been cheated? ESP LTD guitar fake?

I recently got myself a new guitar from a store (it's a chain) there are a couple of em in the city,
The model on the guitar says M-10FR
There's no such model on the Internet there is M-10 but not FR and M10 is half the price I paid
Also the M-10 is the same except for stop tail piece and fine tuners
Is this some local made and have I been cheated? 😬


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  • Is the store you bought it from furtados? If so, I think they took an M10 and added the bonus features of a FR type

    • Can I pm you?
      Yep bombay

  • FWIW. I have the same gtr and am checking on it as well.
    "ww. espguitars. com/forums/1963220/posts/2143900-ltd-m-10fr-authentic"


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