Any VR Shinecon 3D Glasses user here?

Any VR Shinecon 3D Glasses user here?
Anyone here using this product? I'm thinking of buying one but I need some reviews. How's the FOV (Field of View) of this one? The original Google Cardboard I bought didn't have a very good FOV, there was this little black area at the corners and it messed up the virtual experience, I want to make sure it's not the same case with this one. Tried googling and youtubing but couldn't find any demo of the virtual experience, so GAG is my final hope for some answers.


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  • Save your money. Most VR glasses will cause some type of motion sickness right now. The technology just isn't good enough yet. You can get them, they are good as compared to others, but you will be disappointed.

    • Do you know How does it works ( i'm about thickness) and why Sony Project morpheus doesn't make you feel sickness?
      it's all because you you doesn't see your nose. Morpheus has a bug whole inside which allow to see your nose and piece of a real world ( to do not make you panic )
      so motional sickness appears not because VR headset so bad. mostly they all have no wholes.
      it's only about how you feel the VR and how deep headset let you see the 3d
      cuz some models has weak 3d effect ( like VR Box ) some the deepest ( Mojing 3 )
      i guess Shinecon has the one of the widest FOV

    • @the13 thanks for that broken English sentence, but VR glasses haven't reached their technological peak yet. It's simply a matter of waiting until the technology is better.

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