Gaming and gamers why?

Everyone loves video games be it young kids or adults there is no away around it the catchy missions and sounds the cool firearms and weapons... yep is a nice way to spend some free time and run away from the real word , but...

I am starting to see that some people get too involved into this gaming world to the point that normal functioning people dont cut anymore , they have no interest in anyone or anything other that gaming , they have no social skills and often bad jobs , why is that? i understand that you want to play video games but its doing more harm than good , yes its fun but it is not real its a "GAME" these people leave everything behind is search of games and gaming , they have nothing to mention or any skills whatesoever but people still support then and think they are cool , why? whats cool about a a guy/girl sitting in his/her room all day playing video games and talking to strangers , whats cool about someone chilling all day with no goals or skills doing nothing but playing? its not cool it is really not they are not functioning members of society , they are by all standards failures , so why support such a life style and deem it cool , interesting and even aiming to throw the word gamer on every profile description you can find , or even going as far as prefering gamer girls... you do realize these gamer girls probably can't cook, clean or talk to normal humans and hold their own against someone because they were busy playing video games , they have no skills and no ability to defend themselves , so just help me understand , i dont get whats so cool about being a gamer? ( i am not talking about someone who palys call of duty a couple times a week )


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  • Maybe some of them already do feel like failures in life and just want something to help escape from reality.

    Just because they are playing games a lot doesn't mean they don't have any real life skills or anything. A lot of times they are in a rut and don't honestly know what to do with their life atm. So it can help them forget how down they feel about it all.

    If your suffering from depression most would give anything to get out of that hole. If playing games can give them some relief i'm sure they would take it.

    Plus in some certain games you do need mental skill to get pass puzzles, dungeons, etc. There are strategy games were you need to be good at that type of thing. Also there are educational games. Which for me as a kid I remember learning more from educational games than from a teacher. Though that's because I have a learning disorder.

    I read recently that they would use minecraft as away to open the door to teach kids how to program a little.


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  • What is so cool about going into bars and wasting money on booze?
    Different interests, that's what.

    • when you are a prisoner in your own room playing video games infront of a screen with no real interests, talents or any useful skills... you're just a burden on society you're doing nothing useful its more than just different interests , also these people usually have no social skills.

    • But asker what is the drunk or drugee bringing to society?

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  • I e never really experienced this. From my experience, no one thinks being a NEET is cool. They just do it anyway.

    However, it's also true that gaming is becoming a profession, even if it's a very small one. Tons of you tubers now play games full time and are pretty successful. Just look at Achievement Hunter and Funhaus!

    I don't think this is a real problem. Hardly anyone is so short sighted to do NOTHING but play games.


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  • It's like cigarettes people can get addicted but it's not too likely. Nothing is cool anout it it's just fun.

  • It's called addiction.

  • Anything your mind gets large amounts of dopamine from you can become addicted to.
    It could be Video Games, Music, Drugs, Alcohol, Videos/TV, Sex, etc.
    That's why so many people are getting addicted to netflix because it's an easy, cheap way (I'll be it more time consuming also) to get large amounts of dopamine.


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