I always happen to see the same episodes of shows when I watch tv. Does this happen to anyone else?

When I watch tv they're always showing the same episodes I've seen a dozen times. For example, I've seen the pineapple incident episode of How I Met Your Mother way more times than any other episode because it seems like it's always on. Does anyone else notice this? What episodes are you seeing over and over?
I also see the prom episode of The Middle a lot.


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  • I always hit comercials, it's like five channels all align their commercials at the same time. Really anoying

    • Ugh yeah that happens to me too. Then I'm like "forget it I don't need tv."

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  • Get Netflix and never worry about that crap again. Trust me, it always felt like no matter what series I got into after a month it would feel like I was watching the same 10-20 episodes every time.

  • Yeah I have this soap I only watch on Friday night when I'm on my home trainer.
    Like most soaps, even than you can follow it to some dregree :D


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