What's your favorite anime intro?

For me it is this Digimon intro , I grew up with Digimon and was a die-hard fan !

It's in German, but here is a brief summary. I like it so much because the lyrics hit home in my case !

I'm only a big dreamer, but it begins with dreams, I took way too long to realize it, dreams become true, back in the day , I didn't know what life was about, I only lived for the day, whatever happens to me, I mustn't waste time, even when I'll have reached my aim, I still have to keep going, no one can tell me what's going to happen


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  • I have to say either the original 3 Pokemon themes, Masayume Chasing by BoA (one of the fairy tail themes), The theme from Angel Beats or the theme from Clannad.


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  • Probably Illium from Elfen Lied, for me it's one of those hauntingly nice songs... slightly odd I suppose but it's part of it's charm.


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    • So much fucking YES.

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    • @fondue you can google emojis and it'll give you text to copy and paste so you can use them. Samurai Champloo is bad ass. I love the first episode, Mugen isn't asking them to come at him one at a time, he wants them all to fight him at the same time 😆

    • - thumbs up- Much easier. :D
      Lol!! I love Mugen!! Like, 6 dudes for 100 dumplings "your lives are only worth 5 dumplings each" and the lady in the backs just like "shits not right... whut". That whole series was great, I learned so much about Japanese history through it. :D

  • Psychopass intro so far and those Asians know how to pump a guy up haha

  • Too many different anime to just pick one :/
    and usually I skip them when able... but those intro songs though!


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