Help with starting a YouTube chanel?

I wana start a small youtube gaming chanel because i have some free time and i feel like sharing my experience with people who are interested.
My problem is my voice! I dont sound enthusiastic and i have most of the time what to speak about. I really want to change that about me because its kinda similar to my real life.
How can i find something to talk about when i have nothing to say and sound more alive?


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  • Dude, if you can't even sound excited for games, then maybe you should reevaluate your decision? Have you tried recording yourself and showed friends or whatever if you sound good enough for YouTube? Maybe you don't have to sound excited per say, just talk normally or naturally or whatever and sometimes it's just as good. Maybe better than the guys who try to sound super excited and shit.

    • I believe that the voice will come as time will move on
      But what bothers me more is that i ran in many situations of what to say. I can for example speak about the game for a little but then what?

    • Well that's the problem isn't it? There's already a lot of really established gaming channels out there, plus there's like Twitch and stuff so you're gonna have to find something you like that isn't already done to death on YouTube. Besides advising you to really thinking about all the things you like and could talk about there's nothing to tell you, really. Maybe you can combine other interests with gaming or something?

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