What do you think of her singing voice?

She has PIPES!!

Megan Nicole's cover of Nelly's Just a Dream (which by the way is 10 / 10 lyrics. And Nelly is the shit)

And the original by Nelly:

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Let's get the musical authorities up in here @CHARismatic110 and @emphaticlady


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  • she's got talent but her voice has no defining qualities she sounds just like another singer


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  • I'm honored to be tagged in this! I think she is very talented, indeed, though I do enjoy the original song more.

    Now where is your recording of a song? ;)

  • She's okay... nothing special.

    + she doesn't have heart when she sings - or it was just a terribly wrong choice of song for her

    She's young - has a lot of time to practice and improve.
    She has a gentle voice - nothing much she can do to make it more powerful.

  • Megan Nicole's voice is so annoying lol I don't know :/ I love the original song though.


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