Who finds a weirder music video from the 70s/80s than this one?

Rules: always explain what made you choose your video. What makes you think its weird?

I'll start:
I chose this one because of the woman who is just randomly doing a few dance moves and sings the same sentence over and over and the guys in the alien costumes have cool golden gloves but come on they also say/ sing only 1 sentence so its basically a Song made out of 2 sentences. And then this random ass weird sounds at the end that doesn't fit at all 😂😂😂😂


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  • Not strictly a music video but its dumb enough to make the cut in my opinion.


  • I can one up you lol
    The Human league don't you want me
    first off the voice is weird but strangely appealing then the whole night scene it takes place in with the close up views of the men and women with dark make up, and then the whole blonde chick singing and talking in such a facial expressionless manner while wearing that coat lol.

    • I can't watch this video even when I use a proxy server 😕 I hate GEMA so much.

    • I spent three days with Joanne Catherall in Sheffield in 1981 - before that band ever made it big. And when I say three days - I mean three days and we were never apart. I met her in a club there at the tail end of a trip the Navy sent me on. There were definitely sparks... but we only had three days... and I was off and she was starting to do more important things with the band. If we had had social media back then - or email, we probably would have kept in touch, but all we had then was expensive Long Distance calling and postal mail. :(

      She really was a wonderful, quirky kind of chick. So embarrassingly WHITE, that she was cute.

      They released a video called "fascination" later and I watched it over and over and I was thinking... "Goddamn - she is so cute... if only we had had more time!"

  • Fish Heads by Barnes and Barnes


  • Good God... now I see where the makers of Troll 2 got their inspiration.



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